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Changes to Website 🤗 Check it Out ❤️

PSA 📢📣📢📣

Layout to My Readings on My Website has changed 😁🤗🥰

Readings are now categorized by Titles 🥰


🔮Spiritual/Ancestral Readings

🔮Limited Edition Readings

❤️Generalized-are basic readings such as Tarot, Love/Relationship, Career, Financial, Life Purpose, Shadow, Mediumship etc the ones that will NEVER leave my Website

❤️Spiritual/Ancestral- is just that 😊All Ancestral Reading, Higher Self Readings, Juju/Hoodoo Reading etc in this category

❤️Limited Edition Readings- are the ones that come and go based on my Creative Flow. These are the ones you get ‘em when you see them such as Hottest Reading Now Mystery Reading, Big Changes coming your way, Chakra scan Readings etc

Much Easier to look through because I’m not your Average Spiritualist 🥰

Hope you Enjoy the setup 🔮Much Needed

More changes coming in the following days and Weeks 😊

Keep ya Posted

Enjoy your Day 😘

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