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Oracles Grounding Sprays Now Available

💕💕💕Now Available 💕💕💕

Oracle’s Herbal Medicine Grounding Spray

☀️Say Yes Grounding Spray helps you to relax , boost your mood, calms your mind. Bring energy of Joy & Optimism to you .

☀️Aura Me Up Grounding Spray helps keeping you grounded in the now, helps relieves stress, protect your energy and banishes negative energy. You will feel a sense of Confidence & Courage . Helps with getting rid of negative thoughts.

These Spray have been Prayed Over and Consecrated

100% Natural Ingredients

Real Crystals Added to Spray

Created by Oracle of Divine Truth Mrs. V

Now Available for Purchase

$25 per Bottle FREE SHIPPING


You will most definitely see results

Good for spraying self and home


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