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Nintendo Wii Play Motion - Emulator software downloads. * Wii Play Motion (Japan) English.. Download and install Nintendo Wii Play Motion (Japan) English Wii Play Motion (Japan). Download Wii Play Motion for free!. Wii Play Motion is an American adventure video game developed by Bungie. Its.Characteristics and prognosis of a late-onset Rett syndrome: a retrospective study of nine cases. The objective of this study was to describe the characteristics of a subgroup of patients with late-onset Rett syndrome (LOS-RS). A retrospective chart review was performed on nine girls with LOS-RS who were followed by our specialized tertiary center. The median age of symptom onset was 8.3 years. All patients presented typical phenotypic features of RS. Half of the patients showed non-progressive language deterioration after a progressive period. No patients with LOS-RS were seizure-free. Regular respiratory insufficiency was present in all patients. At a median age of 20.1 years, 6/9 girls died, 4/9 girls remained in a vegetative state and 7/9 girls have been diagnosed with PDD. Our results suggest that LOS-RS is characterized by non-progressive language deterioration and respiratory insufficiency. Some patients might present a milder phenotype, indicating a more benign course of the disease, which was only observed in patients with a long-term survival. Further, LOS-RS is probably more frequently misdiagnosed.This invention relates to a device for the removal of carbon particles from the surface of liquid. The invention may be used as a portable device for use in filtering a liquid with a minimum of wasted space. There are many devices for removing solid particles from the surface of a liquid. One of the most common devices is a filter. Typically a vacuum is pulled on the filter, drawing the particles through a filter material, to collect the solid particles. When the particles have accumulated to the point that the filter is filled, the vacuum is shut off and the filter is removed from the liquid to be cleaned. One example of a device which uses a filter and a vacuum is U.S. Pat. No. 3,504,784, issued to H. C. Bessey on Apr. 7, 1970. The Bessey patent describes a filter wherein a vacuum is applied to the filter and the liquid is drawn through the filter and from the filter at a desired rate. Another filter device is shown in U.S